“In 25 plus years of building high performance teams, I’ve seen a lot of different concepts. There is nothing like the Improv workshops that Patty runs. They are ridiculously good. I highly recommend Patty and her development programs. She has tapped into something unique that helped us uncover some key insights about our communication style and to drive great energy. We’re still talking about and using what we learned in the workshops.” - David DeRam CEO at Greenlight Guru


“Who could have known that an improv class would be just what I needed to help me with work related situations and relationships! Patty’s classes taught me ways to teach my colleagues, using humor! I now look forward to doing presentations in front of my peers!”

- Mimi Chaney


“Doing this 8-week improv class helped me so much. It helped me find my voice in a dark time; it let me know how it felt to laugh again and actually be happy. It made me get out of my normal comfort zone and made me realize - I can learn the most in uncomfortable situations. I’m now in drama club, and if it wasn’t for Patty, I never would have considered it.” - Jillian Coleman